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Mothers Day

Where in the world are YUE?


 Dr Yue Contest

 Back to School Contest

Put on your thinking-hats and take a chance at answering the questions correctly!school contest

Winner receives a $25 VISA gift card!

Contest questions:

1. The biggest elementary school in the world has how many students? (Hint: more than 25,000 students but less than 40,000 students).

2. True or False: Pencils can write underwater?

3. What is the most popular color of crayon? (Hint: the color of Chris Hemsworth's eyes)

4. True or False: Can you erase pencil marks with white bread?

5. How many American kids are home schooled? (Hint: more than you think, but less than 2 million)

Best of luck!


Whose Baby Is That?!

Correctly guess who that baby belongs to of your ortho crew and you could win a $25.00 TCBY Frozen Yogurt gift card! The winner will be selected July 5, 2016)

A. Girl  B. Boy C. Boy 2


D.Girl 2 E. Girl 3 F. Girl 4

Yue Crew Staff: Dr. Yue, Rhea, Olga, Belinda, Ewa & Rach

Big Hints For the In-house June Contest!

Here are our baby pictures to help you.. Good Luck!

Belinda belinda Dr. Yue Dr. Yue Olga Olga


Ewa Ewa Rhea Rhea Rach Rach